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Civil Substation Work, Earthwork, Grounding, Concrete, Conduit and Fencing, Surfacing

We can start with a cornfield or work in a live substation and produce a working area comfortable for an overhead contractor.  We have proven with our safety record that a 500kv substation can be as safe as a greenfield site. Our work begins with the earthwork, followed by fencing for security. Then we will move onto the concrete, triple checking all layout and measurements to ensure accuracy. Grounding  and conduit follow, maintaining quality while adhering to the specifications. Some surfacing can be laid down so the overhead contractor can work free of mud and in safer conditions, we will do the dirty work! Once the overhead contractor completes their work, we will return to the site and do the final surfacing, seeding, and touch ups that are needed to please the client and sell the job.

Mine Shaft Closures

We have worked successfully and safely with Department of Natural Resources, to enclose these dangerous and hazardous mineshafts. These openings can occur after heavy rains and in the worst of areas. We will plug the hole with rebar and concrete and backfill to existing grade. We take pride in knowing that we have helped the surrounding community while leaving a final GPS monument where the closure has been made, for later tracking.

I was the Superintendent that  completed a 6 year project for seven Microwave Tower Projects for the Department of Energy. These projects consisted of drilled piers up to 90 feet in depth and 6 foot diameter. Some of these had different processes, from slurrying the hole, driving pilings, or encasing the holes.  These projects also included the earthwork, grounding and conduit.  Building modifications were also part of these projects.  From building protection, built to protect from falling ice, to installing cable trays, HVAC systems, ground halos and repainting, we made them turnkey.   

Microwave Radio Towers for South West Power Administration


I've been 20 years in the construction business, and I love my job. I take a lot of pride that I'm a woman owned business, and that I pay attention to detail. I enjoy doing the dirty work for my clients, and making their life easier because I'm detail oriented. I like to put my stamp on every job and show that it is possible to build by the specifications, and still make it "pretty" by Sheila Jean! My niche has been doing jobs that no one wanted to do. From walking trails, water parks, electrical substations, power plants etc,  I love the challenge.

Sheila Branison



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